Solarbotics RW2 Wheel (external set screw)

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The Solarbotics RW2 rubber wheel has a black, anodized aluminum hub with a generously thick silicone rubber tire for maximum traction (great for minisumo robots or fast line-following robots that need traction when rounding corners).

The rubber tire has a diameter of 1.1 inches (28 mm) and a width of 0.67 inches (17 mm), and it has a 20D durometer. The aluminum hub is drilled for an 3 mm axle. Secure the wheel to your motor shaft with the included 4-40 hex set screw (requires a 0.050-inch hex wrench). The wheel assembly weighs 12 grams. If you are looking to shave some width off your robot design, consider the Solarbotics RW2i wheel, which is a similar design with but has an internal set screw.

This high-traction wheel works with our 3 mm shaft gearmotors such as our micro metal gearmotors and the GM12a, GM13a, GM14a, and GM18mini metal gearmotors.

Included Parts

  • One hub
  • One tire
  • One set screw

A 0.05″ hex wrench (not included) is required for mounting the wheel. The wheels are sold individually, NOT in pairs.


Size: 1.1" diameter; 0.5" wide
Weight: 12 g
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