Raindrops Detection Sensor Module Snow RainWeather

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  • The item is for Arduino robot kit, raindrops, rain sensor, monitoring can be used for a variety of weather conditions, and converted into the number of the reference signal and the AO output.
  • The sensor uses the FR-04 high-quality double-sided materials, King Size 5.0 * 4.0CM, and with the surface of the nickel plating treatment, against oxidative, conductivity, superior performance and longevity;
  • The output in the form: digital switching outputs (0 and 1) and analog AO voltage output;
  • TTL-level output, TTL output valid signal is low. Driving capability 100MA so, can directly drive relays, buzzer, a small fan, and so on.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted via potentiometer
  • LED lights up when there is no rain output is high, raindrop up, the output ground level, LED light.

  • Distribution bit to adjust sensitivity
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Power indicator, the output signal LED indicator
  • The comparator output, the signal is clean, waveform, driving ability over 15mA
  • Wide voltage LM393 comparator
  • A large area of rain board, more conducive to detect rain
  • Board with positioning holes to facilitate installation
  • Raindrops and control panels are separate, easy to wire leads

More Information
  • Small board PCB size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm 
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V 
  • Voltage: 5V
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