PS2 Game JoyStick Module

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This is PS2 game joystick module for Arduino. Lots of robot projects need joystick. This module provides a affordable solution to that. Simply connect to two analog inputs, the robot is at your commands with X,Y control. It also has a switch that is connected to a digital pin. This joystick module can be easily connect to Arduino by normal IO Expansion Shield with supplied cables.

No soldering required, Reusable for prototyping or design applications of electronic circuit,modify or revise the circuits easily.

Accept resistors,transistors, diodes, LEDS, capacitors and other types of electronic components.
An invaluable tool for experimenting with circuit designs whether in the R&D.
Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis Compatible with Arduino interface.

  • Three axis (X,Y,Z(button))
  • Size: 37x25x32mm
  • Weight: 15 g
  • ABS plastic material
  • Completely reusable
  • Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips
  • Accepts a variety of wire sizes (29-20 AWG)
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