LM2577 DC-DC Digital Voltmeter Booster Module

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Using 150KHz internal oscillation frequency, belonging to the second generation switching voltage regulator, low power consumption and high efficiency.

The maximum output current can be as high as 3A, recommended operating current at 2A, heat sink is needed if more than 2A.

We recommend you to add heat sink when the power is more than 15W.

Applied in the step-down field field of input voltage higher than the output voltage,such as batteries, power transformers, DIY adjustable voltage regulator, 24V vehicle laptop power supply, industrial equipment step-down, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, 36V to 24V etc.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Stable and reliable.

Easy to use.

Long service life.

Package included:

1 x Buck Module


Brand new

Size: approx. 67*37*14mm

Input voltage: 2.5V~40V

Output voltage: 1.25V~37V (adjustable)

Output current: 3A (maximum)

Conversion efficiency: 92% (maximum)

Output ripple: <30mV

Switching frequency: 150KHz

Operation temperature: -45℃~+85℃


1. With voltmeter display, voltage meter error ±0.1V, range 4~40V(Note: when the input voltage is lower than 4V, the onboard voltmeter does not work or display).

2. Large volume 5*5 touch key switches to measure the input and output voltage, and there is an indicator that can show which end of voltage you are measuring. For the initial boot, acquiescent digital tube display input voltage, and the input indicator IN will become brightened; Touch button slightly, then the digital  tube displays output voltage, and the output indicator light OUT become brightened. And to maintain the final set, even if the power is switched on again.

3. The voltmeter can be turned off, press the switch for more than 1 seconds and less than 4 seconds, then loosen your grip it can be shut down. When the voltmeter is off, just press the switch shortly and turn on the voltmeter.

4. With the function of input and output voltage measurement error calibration. Press the switch for more than 4 seconds, after loosening your hands, it enters into input and output voltage measurement error calibration function, now the IN light on(Calibrate input end), digital tube display flickers to display correction value (original factory parameter is 0.0), at this time you can press the switch shortly to change this data(numerical range is -0.5~0.5, unit is V), a positive number indicates an upward adjustment, and a negative number indicates a downward calibration. After adjusting the calibration number of the input end, press the switch for more than 2 seconds, loosen your hands and then it is error calibration of output end, now the OUT light on (Calibrate output end), and display the calibration number of the output, the adjustment method is the same as input end. After finishing the calibration number of the output, press the switch for more than 2 seconds, then loosen your hand, save the set value and return to the normal display voltage, the correction number will take effect immediately and will not lose (With this function, able to meet the requirement of higher accuracy).

5. With terminal blocks, it can be used conveniently even without soldering iron, and keep the welding wire connection point (the input voltage must be 1V higher than output voltage).


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